Our Services Swiss Others USA
Steps to the Embassy 90 CHF/pers. 90 CHF/visa 90 CHF/visa
Visa 1 entry 70 CHF 40 CHF 150 CHF
Visa 2 entries 70 CHF 60 CHF 150 CHF
Visa multiples entries 6 months 70 CHF 80 CHF 150 CHF
Visa multiples entries 1 year 70 CHF 120 CHF 150 CHF
Visa Urgent (24 H) + 40 CHF + 40 CHF + 40 CHF
Visa Express (2-3 jours/days) + 30 CHF + 30 CHF + 30 CHF


Urgent and express services are not available for applicants holding the following countries' passports:
Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg, Mali, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, the U.S.A..


We deliver hundred of invitations each month to our europeen, french, swiss and belge customers.

We are in contact with the Ministery of Foreing Affairs in Beijing. Our invitations are officials.

Request an online invitation for China in our Internet Site.
Invitation Business China

  • Officials Invitations
  • Tourism and Business
  • Hotel reservation not needed
  • Valid all around the world

Steps to the Embassy

We are going for you to the Embassy of China in Bern to obtain your chinese visa.

Personalized service: We prepare your dossier and we garanty that you will get your visa into the best schedule.

Request an online steps to the Embassy in our Internet Site.
request for steps to the Embassy

  • Service valid for french residents as well
  • Documents send by post or deliver to our office
  • We get all type of visas
  • If you don't have any invitation, we can provide it to you
  • Personalized and professionnal service

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