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creates visas, steps to Emabssies, travels to Russia, St Petersburg, Moscow and Transsiberian for individual travellers, groups, companies et tour-operators. We became the specialist of self-made travels in Russia. You will find a trip Russia that correspond to your tast amoung the vast offer that we propose in Russia.

We are doing steps for you to the consulates of Russia, China and CIS countries.

The expertise and seriousness of have rapidely conquier the individuals et businessmen every year more likely to trust us. We arrange hundred of visa and invitation for Russia.

Lonely Planet Russian Concept
is recommanded by Lonely Planet in his travel guide "Transsiberian".

About us

Russian Concept is a tour operator and travel agency based in Geneva. Specialised in travels to Russia, we will arrange together your travel, hotels and visa and we will coordinate your trip to Russia either for business or personal pleasure.

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  • Transsiberian Travels Creator
  • Séjours à Moscou et Saint-Pétersbourg
  • Cruise in Russia
  • Online request of Invitations for Russia
  • Airplane tickets, hotels, insurances
  • Accomodation in B&B, apartments, hotels


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